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GOD Limited Edition Deluxe Double CD - SOLD OUT!

Deluxe Double CD - 40 Tracks
Launch Date:
Friday 26 Feb 2010

COMPLETE recordings, scorchingly REMASTERED, including the much-loved & covered hit single MY PAL, the seminal & influential LP’s ROCK IS HELL & FOR LOVERS ONLY, plus 2 rare covers, and GOD’s apocalyptic LAST GIG from ’89.
Liner notes from Leaping Larry L

Not for the Squeamish!

GOD: Melbourne’s Legendary Smutty teen Rockers!

The third month of 2010 kicked off with a bang with this limited edition yet extensive 40-track double CD from late 80's R’n’R teen tearaways GOD. After over a decade out of print, this self-titled release collects all the band’s original studio output from their globally appreciated (& oft covered) 7" debut My Pal (one of the biggest selling Aussie indie singles of its day, with the memorable lyric ’You’re my only friend, you don’t even like me” and now a sought-after collector’s item) to their explosive mini-album Rock is Hell and their much lauded full-length album For Lovers Only.

Issued at the time across the USA, Germany, Spain, UK & Canada, and locally on the mighty Au-Go-Go label, these tracks will take you back & bring it all home for you once again with this highly anticipated reissue. In fully digitally remastered form (thanks to original GOD producer Simon Grounds) the Rock & the Roll, the mirth & the merriment (along with some thorny barbs along the way) take charge & power out with all guns blazing. And as an extra bonus DISC TWO features the two rare cover tracks (Reall Cool Time by IGGY & THE STOOGE, & Strutter by KISS) from two long out-of-print Au-Go-Go releases, along with over a dozen wild cuts from GOD’s very last live show in July 1989 at Richmond’s Central Club Hotel, now available for the first time.

The 4 members Tim Hemensley, Matthew Whittle, Sean Greenway & Joel Silbersher chop & change instruments & vocal duties, taunt the audience & generally misbehave throughout a fine set of energy-loaded sonic shenanigans. This release comes packaged in a gatefold ‘Soft-Pak’ with new liner notes from longtime friend Leaping Larry L along with a swag of photos & more. After splitting, the GOD-boys went on to the Powder Monkeys, Hoss, Tendrils, Yes-Men, Bored!, Dark Horses & many other projects. GOD still remains a heavily supported online presence via www.myspace.com/godaustralia
& www.facebook.com/godrock which are promoting this release, plus GOD’s music receives regular rotation on both local radio & ABC-TV’s Rage, as well as continuing to be a solid Oz fave for many a music lover both here & across the seas.

GOD - Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Gunk | 2. Headin’ for the Id | 3. Golly Wolly Golly Wolly Hoo Hoo Ha
4. Sook | 5. Snake Charmer | 6. Talkin’ Rude on the Telephone
7. Blistered Mind | 8. She’s Hungry | 9. Half-Ass | 10. Bone Dry
11. The Day they Buried Hemensley | 12. Dominatrix | 13. Life’s So Hard 14. Love You to Death | 15. My Pal | 16. A Man without a Woman is like a Nun without a Jackhammer | 17. Rockin’ Marky | 18. Human Abbreviation | 19. Magic Crayfus | 20. Meat Cleaver Boy
21. Chockablock Rock ’n’ Roll (Unabridged Version)
22. Rok Zombi | 23. Worm Sweat | 24. Tommy the Toilet

Disc 2
1. Real Cool Time | 2. Strutter | 3. Gunk | 4. Headin‘ for the Id
5. The Day they Buried Hemensley | 6. Rok Zombi | 7. Talkin’ Rude on the Telephone | 8. Blistered Mind | 9. She’s Hungry | 10. Half-Ass
11. My Pal | 12. Meat Cleaver Boy
13. Human Abbreviation | 14. Snake Charmer
15. Chockablock Rock ’n’ Roll | 16. Love You to Death


current releases - limited stock - be quick!

Steve Young
‘Australian Tour’ EP CD 2007     AUD $12.00    BUY NOW!


Chris Smith
‘Bad Orchestra’ CD
AUD $20.00


‘Tarantula’ CD
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Steve Young Aust Tour CD
Chris Smith Bad Orchestra CD
Limes Tarantula CD

Order Vile Cherubs now!ALSO OUT NOW!
The Man who has no Eats Has no Sweats CD

AUD $22.00     BUY NOW!
ATB 003

From our Reissue label Afterburn comes this lost document from the Washington DC Punk Underground, circa 1986-1987. Existing for only a short space of time, The Vile Cherubs came, confused, endeared, and powered out their homage to warped 60's garage psych in chaotic and unique style before imploding into the abyss, leaving an odd LP on Dischord Records and a mini legion of fans in their wake. This 14-track CD release collects the best of their studio recordings and adds FIVE PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS, (Inc: Rehearsal versions & a live Yardbirds cover) with liner notes, photo's a band history tree from then till now, & 6 mini handbill reproductions. Members of the Vile Cherubs have been in/currently reside in bands such as the NATION OF ULYSSES, CONCENTRICK, THE QUAILS, CIRCUS LUPUS, CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS, GOLDEN BEARS, THE FUCKING CHAMPS and more ! This is a small slice of DC history which is worthy of staying in print for all willing ears. Issued in a 'Arigato-Pak' via Stumptown Printers in Portland Oregon and hand numbered out of 1,000 copies It's out now and we think it's a lil' ripper !
Here's the tracklist: 1. Man with a photograph 2. Flower Garden 3. Broke my heart in three 4. The Ladder 5. Love you with my.... 6. Sleepwalking 7. Perspective/My Mantra 8. Never a Man 9. Such and Such 10. Born Loser (Previously Unreleased) 11. Things are different now (Previously Unreleased) 12. Girl i want you (Previously Unreleased) 13. She's a Cur (Previously Unreleased) 14. Stroll On (Yardbirds cover) (Previously Unreleased)

Available now !

Chumps - Available Soon!OUT NOW!

The Problem with Saxophones CD

AUD $22.00     
ATB 004
Released late June/early July on Afterburn (ATB 004) is another Washington D.C. reissue, back in the very early days of Punk Rock as it was taking shape and exploding with adrenalin and dynamic discovery. THE CHUMPS - 'The Problem with Saxophones' is a 15 track CD of recordings from 1977-1980 of their wild as hell Avant Garde Punk Rock, full of brilliant saxophone and a hot wired energy. Featuring Rob Kennedy (later of the mighty Workdogs etc..) and members of Half Japanese, these songs will peel strips off your wall and have you jumping around the room in a fun frenzy ! Featuring tracks recorded by Don Zientara in 1980, a 1977 outtake from the blueprint DC punk compilation '30 over DC' (reissued on CD by Henry Rollins not so long back),and their awesome 1978 7" ep on the 'Round Raoul' label, along with great photo's, amazing vintage handbills (The Chumps were the band who gave the Bad Brains their first gig on a bill with them opening and the Raisinets, Slickee Boys, Chumps, & Judies Fixation), 2007 liner notes, old setlists and more ! Initial hand numbered edition in a cool gatefold pak, this is something you need to hear and enjoy the thrill of discovery of great music from time's past which has for so long laid stuck between the cracks inhabiting the world of dusty cassettes for the few hundred people there in the day, so long may the Chumps be heard by more folks around the world in 2007/8 and beyond !
Available now !

There's a new ish of Stained Sheets fanzine out now
(32 pages this time) which is some aok melbourne underground music press & has pieces on VENOM P. STINGER, THE TRAITORS (Melbourne 1979),THE BITTERS, COCK SAFARI, TOUGH TROUBLES plus more.
Stained Sheets Fanzine


 ****** Currently Out of Print ******

For updates go to www.steveyoung.net

Own your very own copy of our latest Limited Edition CD Reissue:

Long Time Rider - Steve Young's Latest CD Reissue‘Long Time Rider’
by Steve Young

It’s been a-long time comin’ but is definitely worth the wait!

Steve Young - Long Time Rider CD (ATB 006)

First some history... Steve Young was born in Georgia and from his early teens was exploring his love of music and songwriting, finding himself drawn to New York City in the early 60's where he became involved with the flourishing Greenwich Village Folk Scene (a brief list of singers & players who would make their mark there include: Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Phil Ochs, Karen Dalton, Tom Paxton, Fred Neil, David Crosby, Joan Baez, etc... and right into recent years with Steve Earle as a resident). After a short stint back in Alabama, Steve found himself in California bang in the middle of the 1960's where he became pals with Texan Stephen Stills & multi-talented young gun Van Dyke Parks, and played in a Pre-Buffalo Springfield band with them called Gas Company.

The first album to feature Steve Young was the 1968 s/t full length by Stone Country (tho' he had penned tunes in 1964 for Alabama duo Richard and Jim on their Capitol Records LP), and this was followed up in 1969 by Steve's fine debut opus Rock, Salt & Nails which featured guest showing from both Gram Parsons & Gene Clark. This was a truly exciting and rich living period for Steve as a slew of magnificent albums formed this core period of the late 60's thru to the mid 70's ('Seven Bridges Road' , Honky Tonk Man' & 'Renegade Picker' ), where Steve Young accrued fans the world over with his striking vocals & inspiring 'Southern Music' which melded Country, Folk, Rock & Blues with Gospel & Celtic leanings. Artists who have covered Steve's songs include The Eagles, Waylon Jennings, Joan Baez, Rita Coolidge, & many more.

The late 70's and into the late 80's (from a fan perspective) are seen as the most 'obscure' period of Steve's career (early 90's to present day a much more cruisier option as the recordings are quite easy to pick up), with long deleted albums not popping up with any real regularity and a bit of a quest for those who don't own these albums but wish to seek them out in their original form. And this bring us to Long Time Rider...

Long Time Rider (LTR) was initially issued by Steve as a Cassette and sold at shows on the road around the mid 80's until a small French label issued it on CD in a tiny run in 1990, and this itself went out of print in no time and has been unavailable for close to 20 years...until now ! Long Time Rider was a period of experimentation for Steve as he discovered a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer and utilized it's sound as the backing for these majestic and breath taking tracks. Songs of deep discovery and Introspection recalling the spirits of the Celtic tradition & the sheer power of the American Indians through to bold and moving moments relating to Alcoholism & Divorce. Many longtime fans quote this as some of Steve's most incredible vocal work, & they truly are spine tingling and powerful pieces which we think you will absolutely adore.

To match the quality of music on offer here we have issued this reissue in a Deluxe 3 way Soft-Pak sleeve with Lyric Booklet & fresh liner notes, with a rejigged track list chosen by Bob Dylan associate, Singer/Songwriter/Artist Bob Neuwirth (this project's number #1 fan) , with the initial 500 copies being hand numbered. The tracks are as follows:

1. Behold The Stars
2. War of Ancient Days
3. Have a Laugh
4. My Love
5. Only You
6. The Whole World
7. Cover Us
8. Long Time Rider

So maybe not the Steve Young you have heard before, but a very important piece of his magical discography which we hope you thoroughly enjoy (samples can be heard via Steve's site at www.steveyoung.net ).

We offer up this release which you can purchase for $22.00 aud postpaid anywhere in Australia or $20.00 usd postpaid anywhere in the world.
**American customers can also purchase this CD (along with other choice Steve Young CD's) via our friends at Village Records in Kansas and keep their postage in-house, so to go with that option tap in www.villagerecords.com and away you go!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all those folk around the globe who gave us nice feedback after picking up the Steve Young 2007 Aussie Tour we released last year, it was great hearing from so many people & your passion for great music and solid communication was a treat for us, so thank you. All the best from us here in Melbourne Australia.

Scotti and Bevan - Afterburn Records August 2008

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